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[mylyn-dev] outstanding patches

With the 3.0.2 release we created maintenance branches called
e_3_4_m_3_0_x and e_3_3_m_3_0_x for the next Ganymede service release.
Development for the next major release 3.1 continues in head.
Important bug fixes will be back-ported to the branches and bugs will
be assigned to the corresponding milestone (e.g. 3.0.3).

We are currently in the process of applying outstanding patches to
head. All contributions that are considered for the next release
should have 3.1 set as the milestone.

If there is a patch that you would like get applied but the bug does
not have the "[patch]" tag in the summary or is not scheduled for the
release please comment on the bug.

The 3.1 plan is not final, yet, but a preliminary version is available
here that lists the main release priorities: