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[mylyn-dev] Mylyn 3.0 RC3 is available

Mylyn 3.0 RC3 is available for download:


We do not recommend updating to 3.0 if you use any connectors other than
those available from one of the Mylyn update sites, as they will not work
until the are ported.  We will keep the newsgroup and mailing lists updated
on the status of other connectors that we are aware of.

Please note that we have updated the structure of the update sites.  The
main tradeoff with the new structure is that some features have moved to the
new Incubator site (the Web Templates, XPlanner and UI Usage reporting).
Two features previously on the Experimental site that were not suitable for
the Incubator sites are no longer available, and if anyone installed them
they should be uninstalled and used from CVS instead (Trac Wiki integration
and Sandbox Dev).  The new separation is described here:

The corresponding bug is:

  235470: update Mylyn packaging and update site structure

RC4 will be available next Wednesday.


Mik Kersten
President & CTO, http://tasktop.com 
Project Lead, http://eclipse.org/mylyn