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[mylyn-dev] linking in mylyn and other places

Our colleagues from Atlassian came up with a link syntax that should work across different systems. It would be neat to support such linking in Mylyn. See more details in Atlassian blog at http://blogs.atlassian.com/developer/2007/11/jira_studio_linking.html

In order to enable linking, we needed to agree on a consistent link syntax. This syntax permeates the suite; entering a JIRA key should be the same no matter which application you're in. We eventually settled on this syntax:

   * Issue Key = Project Key-number (eg. CONF-9024)
   * Changeset Number = revision:changeset# (eg.revision:4572)
   * SVN = source:file_name (eg. source:dashboard.action)
   * Confluence = [space_key:page] (eg. [DOC:home])
   * Crucible: review:XXX (eg. review:38956)