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[mylyn-dev] Mylyn 2.0RC1 is now available

Mylyn 2.0RC1 is now available (version is 2.0.0.v20070619-1930). If updating from Mylar plug-ins please note:
* You do not need to uninstall any plug-ins, the update will proceed as usual and the old plug-ins will be disabled.
* You will lose all of the old preferences, so if you changed your Task Data Directory reset that.
* If you crated them, you will lose the project associations to task repositories and these will need to be reset.


JIRA users: the update site has been split between standard features (under update/e3.3) and incubation features including the JIRA Connector (update/extras).

Note that the New & Noteworthy and builds will be updated tomorrow and on Friday, so be sure to check back. The key UI feature added in this release (and the final feature addition for 2.0) is Mylyn working set support and new "bread crumb" UI for switching tasks and working sets. Documentation will be in the New & Noteworthy, but to get started with it create a new working set via the UI at the top of the Task List, add queries and projects to it, and then set your views and Search to show the Window Working Set if they are not set to do that already.

The Mylyn Team