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RE: [mylyn-dev] Problem in running the latest dev source for Eclipse 3.3

Please file a bug report and include the stack trace from the Error Log view.




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Subject: [mylyn-dev] Problem in running the latest dev source for Eclipse 3.3



After I updated the source code from CVS this afternoon, I caught a problem when opening an existing Trac ticket -- an error message poped up saying that "Unable to create this part due to an internal error. Reason for the failure: Argument cannon be null".

I first thought it was from some of the changes I made, but my debugging tracked the error at line 897 of AbstractRepositoryTaskEditor:
where the passed argument val was null and CCombo threw an exception for that. This happened when an attribute ( e.g. version) has an empty option value, but the List<String> options in RepositoryTaskAttribute contains a null rather than "".

The problem didn't occur when I run eclipse with a clean workspace, but the next time running eclipse without clearing the workspace, bang. So it looks to me it's from caching the repository task data, but I didn't trace it further.

Maybe someone knows what happened?