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Re: [mylar-dev] Mylar 2.0.0.v20070501-0815 + Eclipse 3.3 I20070502-0010 == broken?


On 5/2/07, Mik Kersten <beatmik@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Willian: we have no problem with that build and HEAD, so I'm cutting a new
dev build right now since I've made a few fixes in that area.  It should be
available within 30min.

OK, thanks.

Note that this build has progress on the new Task List UI layout.  We're
still discussing that on the following bug.  If you get a chance to use it
please post your comments:

182772: improve Task List table/tree layout

I will. However, my first reaction (as a user) seeing the "new task list" after using the old one for +1 year was: "is it broken?", followed by "if doesn't, wtf they did?" ;-)