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Re: [mylar-dev] Errors in e_3_3_m_1_0: Mylar 1.0 stream for Eclipse 3.3

Thanks Mik.

I will use 3.3M4 for Mylar 1.0.1 connector development (that works). I managed to port CodeBeamer connector to 3.3M5 and Mylar devel HEAD (only 50 errors or so 8-). So for 3.3M5 and forward I will use Mylar 2.x stream.


On 2/13/07, Mik Kersten <beatmik@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Looks like you're building them with Eclipse 3.3M5, which started complaining about that.  I've been building the branches with the Eclipse versions that they correspond to.  Just file a bug report, and if you'd like to contribute a patch that removes that localization directive from the MANIFEST.MF file I can quickly integrate it into that branch.





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I am getting errors in e_3_3_m_1_0 : Mylar 1.0 stream for Eclipse 3.3 with Eclipse 3.3M5.
Most of them are in MANIFEST.MF:

Bundle-Localization: plugin

Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
no valid properties files exist in the localization directory specified    org.eclipse.mylar.bugzilla.core/META-INF    MANIFEST.MF    line 7    1171397020375    116


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