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[modeling-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Svyatoslav Kovalsky

modeling PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Svyatoslav Kovalsky's Committer status on the modeling.gmp.gmf-tooling
project. As a PMC member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through
your My Foundation portal page:


Svyatoslav Kovalsky was nominated by Michael Golubev as follows:

I would like to finally add 'skovalsky' as committer for GMF Tooling. 

He is working full time on GMFT. 

He has done a lot of good work for upcoming release, most notably the big
features #368398 and #158116 as well as dozens of small bug fixes (e.g,
kjust search
http://git.eclipse.org/c/gmf-tooling/org.eclipse.gmf-tooling.git/log/ for

But the most important thing for me right now is that without him beeing a
committer the task of supplying IP logs for Juno relelase will be much more

So please +1. 


Vote summary: 3/0/0 with 0 not voting 
  +1  Ralph Gerbig
  +1  Michael Golubev
  +1  =?UTF-8?Q?Micka=C3=ABl?= Istria