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[modeling-pmc] M2M name reallocation/change


It has become clear that M2M meaning Model-to-Model is largely an Eclipse usage, whereas the Machine-to-Machine usage is becoming globally prevalent. It therefore seems prudent to revise the Eclipse usage now while Modeling M2M usage is limited rather than in perhaps 5 years time when it may be much harder.

It has already been at least half agreed that the Machine-to-Machine consortium can use the eclipse.org/m2m URL, but surely much more will be required.

Most URL usage is non-m2m, since ATL and QVTd now drop the m2m from their project-specific URLs and plugin ids; QVTo has yet to make this simplification. So future unqualified M2M usage is largely restricted to a few administrative pages and vintage academic references. Therefore handing over the entire eclipse.org/m2m space is not that hard, particularly if colliding web pages have a redirect.

The Modeling/M2M project name does not have to change, since it is qualified, but if Machine-to-Machine is to be significant, we may want it too to do some modelling, so the ongoing Modeling usage may be embarrassing.

I therefore propose that Modeling/M2M be renamed as Modeling/MMT (Model to Model Tools).


        Ed Willink