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[mobile-iwg] Discuss time change of Sequoyah calls...

Hello everyone,

With all the time changes as well as changes of other meetings, I
thought it might be good to review when we have the Sequoyah monthly
calls.  I'm not tied to any one time, so I'm definitely open to most

Mondays and Wednesdays are usually good. Tuesdays are my busiest days,
so I'd prefer to leave those out. Thursdays are OK in the morning
(Central US Time). Fridays are not ideal because I'm usually enroute
if I'm traveling.

Our attendees have traditionally been in Brazil (Marcel, Daniel) ,
Eastern Time (Doug, Jon), Central Time (me), and Pacific Time (me when
traveling). We've occasionally had people from CET or EET be
interested in joining. No matter how we do it, someone will either be
early or late. I'll propose that we do this somewhere between 14:00
and 17:00 UTC but it's just a proposal. If it's a barrier to someone
who wants to attend, I'm fine pushing it either way.

Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Product Line Manager, MOTODEV Tools
Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead