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[mobile-iwg] Question about Indigo requirements for Sequoyah

Hi all, 

one of every Simultaneous Release set of requirements is: "Projects should leverage only published APIs of dependencies". When this requirement can't be accomplished for some reason, the standard procedure is to open a bug and justify this situation.

Ok, we had this situation in Sequoyah for Helios release due the SDK Discovery view from Pulsar, which had to use some internal APIs from P2. By that time, we opened a bug (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=307883) to justify it. 

Now, my question is: since Pulsar is not available for Indigo (at least this is the status so far), can we consider that this exception case is not applicable for Sequoyah anymore? (even though considering that Pulsar code is still in Sequoyah repository). 

One more thing: we closed this bug, when it should have remained open. If we identify that this exception is still necessary, we can reopen the bug.