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Re: [mobile-iwg] Pulsar for Helios SR2 is live

+1   Daniel, Daniel and Marcel thank you for all the help.  It has been greatly appreciated.

On 2/25/2011 11:08 AM, ERIC CLONINGER wrote:
The SR2 release occurred today and by all appearances it went
according to plan. I was able to download the Pulsar package for Win32
and do some basic operations with it.

I would like to offer my thanks to Daniel Pastore, Daniel Franco, and
Marcel Gorri for their efforts to fix the p2 issues and get the Pulsar
EPP operating again. Also for managing the builds and update sites for
the package over the last year and a half.

As I've warned before, this milestone marks the end of the Sequoyah
teams' involvement with builds for the Pulsar package. We will keep an
eye on availability through the remainder of the Helios lifecycle, but
we will not be involved in bug fixes or new builds. There will not be
a Pulsar package for Indigo unless another group wishes to carry on
the effort.

Sequoyah will continue to be on the Indigo release train.

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