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Re: [mobile-iwg] OMTP Terminal Testing 1.0

Hi all, 

this week we had the opportunity to study the material indicated in the email below. The attached document describes the OMTP Terminal Testing recommendation, which, in our understanding, is a proposal of a common interface to be adopted among terminal testers and manufacturers, so the task of testing can be easier and faster. 

Such document details requirements, use cases, services, methods and fields to be implemented by terminal manufacturers in order to satisfy testing needs in a standard way. For instance, if a service of taking screenshots of a terminal display is necessary in tests, the terminal manufacturer can implement the command ScreenZip and the test developer can use this implementation in his test definition.

Considering this understanding about OMTP Terminal Testing, our proposal for an automation test framework does not present any constraint for the recommendations aforementioned. The framework is generic enough and it is up to the adopter to use it in a compliant way. The adopter can encapsulate the ScreenZip command in his test by defining and implementing a GEL (language defined in our Automation Test Framework - ATF) command for such purpose. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to attend to the OMTP recommendations when using ATF. 

We haven't found any component implementation or framework related to OMTP. If you are aware of such component, or if we are missing some point, please let us know.


On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 1:25 PM, <Ronnie.King@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Passing on information from James on the OMTP document. More information on the organization and charter can be found here:

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