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[mobile-iwg] Call for Suggestions - Automation Test Framework

Hi all, 

as you know, sometime ago Sequoyah proposed a new component targeted at the automation of tests. You can find more information about the proposal of this component here:
- Overview:



- Architecture:


We would like to receive suggestions for this component regarding:

1 - Name 

We know that there are lots of frameworks and tools for testing with the same name. The point is, we would like a name that reflects the ideas behind this component, that are basically 'test', 'automation', 'framework'. 

2 - Proof of Concept

We want to implement a proof of concept for this component, exemplifying its use. Is there an interesting case that should be used as an example? The implementation of a command to interact with some emulator? Or to start a remote service? 

We are looking forward to hearing from the community interesting and exciting ideas for this new component.