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[mobile-iwg] Download Stats for Sequoyah / MTJ / Pulsar

Hi all, 

as it has been discussed in the cross-project-issues-dev list, there is a new feature in Helios called Download Stats. It basically provides statistic data about the download of projects and their components. More details at: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_download_stats

In Sequoyah project, we are adding this item for our features. 

Is there any interest of adding this support for Pulsar and MTJ features?

If so, we have a tight schedule ahead. We already are in RC3, so those changes can be integrated only in R4 (the final build, after R4, is too late for such changes). Sequoyah team can help applying the changes. Having said that, our plan is:
- make the necessary changes: Monday June/7
- test Pulsar with changes integrated: Tuesday/8
- fix final bugs or remove changes if they don't work after all: Wednesday/9

Please, reply this email if there is interest in adding Download Stats for MTJ and Pulsar.