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[mobile-iwg] Invitation to next TmL/Sequoyah phone call

Hello Everyone,

We've had our review for Sequoyah and we are beginning the process of
defining the project structures for SVN and the build.  At the next
call, we would like to talk about how member companies might like to
see these common properties. We would also like to understand how
member companies might get involved in the project.

Prior meeting minutes and the agenda for upcoming calls are available
at the TmL web site:

The schedule for the next call is November 2, 2009 at 17:00 UTC.
Assuming that I've done the DST calculations correctly (and the US
Congress doesn't unilaterally change the formula), this should be
15:00 for Brazil, 12:00 ET, 11:00 CT, 9:00 PT.

US/Canada: 1 877 825 8522
UK: 0808 234 7914
Brazil: 0800 891 6634
Passcode: 9190565826

We will also have a GoToMeeting session running for anyone who wants
to follow along:

I hope to see everyone there.

Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Senior Product Manager
MOTODEV Studio for Android
Eclipse DSDP/TmL Project Lead