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[mdt-uml2.dev] Using emf and uml2 standalone parsing for a Magicdraw exported model


I am using Magicdraw 14.0, eclipse emf v. 2.3.1 and uml2 v. 2.1.1. I have a
UML model designed in Magicrdaw and then exported as UML2 (1.x ) EMF model.
In order to use emf and uml2 libraries as standalone I am following the
instrucitons given in:

My goal is to perform code generation based on the model stereotypes (using
EMF, UML2 libraries and Velocity templates). However, I am facing some parsing
problems. The stereotypes used in classes, operations, etc, cannot be read by
the relevant operation ( element.getAppliedStereotypes()), although they do
appear as applied stereotypes in the exported .uml2 files from Magicdraw.
A same problem appears with the datatypes of the element properties (the
getDatatype() method is not working). Again the datatypes appear normal in
the exported .uml2 files.
Do you know if there is a solution to the problem or if there is another
parsing way to use uml2 standalone ?standalone uml2

If not, is there a way to transfrom a org.eclipse.uml2.uml.Element to a
org.jdom.Element or to another XML parsing element ? This way I can combine
emf, uml2 and a number of xml parsing tools to get all the information I need
from the model for the code generation.

If you need any more information let me know.

Thank you very much in advance.