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Re: [mdt-sphinx.dev] Sphinx Logo

Dear Sphinx committers,
I submit a new logo proposal.Please take a look to it and if it seems relevant we could add it to the list of choices.( you can find the black and white rendering in the attached pdf file)
best regards ,

2011/8/1 Stephan Eberle <stephaneberle9@xxxxxxxxx>
Dear Sphinx committers,

We are planning to create a new logo for the Sphinx project. It will be used to replace the current temporary logo displayed on the project web site [1]. Please find the new logo proposals in attached PDF document. They are all black/white right now - coloring will be added later when we know the one we want to proceed with.

I have opened a doodle poll [2] where you can vote for one of the 5 logo candidates. Knowing that we are currently in the middle of vacation time, we'll leave the poll open for a sufficiently long period, i.e., until August 31, 2011. 

If you don't like any of the logo candidates and want to provide alternative proposal(s) then post it/them to this mailing list or leave a comment on the doodle poll.

If no alternative logo proposals are submitted up to end of August (and nobody send a veto), the logo candidate that will have got most votes by that time will be considered as winner.

Best regards,


[1]: http://www.eclipse.org/sphinx/
[2]: http://doodle.com/5wqzskt5d62kmi7f

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