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Re: [mdt-papyrus.dev] RE : writing a program which creates .notation & .di file out of an .uml file

thanks a lot for this information :)
By the way the problem is solved now.
My mistake was, that i wrote the states' hrefs into the transitions source and target attributs intead of of the states sharp-ids :)

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Betreff: [mdt-papyrus.dev] RE : writing a program which creates .notation & .di file out of an .uml file

-          The bendpoints tag is required, but can be empty

Not really, This can lead to exception & model corruption when changing of router afterwards (rectilinear for example) because some routers assume there is at least two bendpoints corresponding to the source and target position. you need to use :
<bendpoints xmi:type="notation:RelativeBendpoints" xmi:id="_ArEZoooWEeG5ha9xSOgN0g" points="[0, 0, 0, 0]$[0, 0, 0, 0]"/>



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Objet : Re: [mdt-papyrus.dev] writing a program which creates .notation & .di file out of an .uml file

Hello Chris,


Here’s the minimum xmi code for drawing a Transition between two nodes in a Papyrus State Machine diagram :


<edges xmi:type="notation:Connector" type="7000" source="_K9alcIoREeG9Mu1FwC8BkA" target="_LWjeMYoREeG9Mu1FwC8BkA">

      <element xmi:type="uml:Transition" href="model.uml#_MekPIIoREeG9Mu1FwC8BkA"/>

      <bendpoints xmi:type="notation:RelativeBendpoints"/>



-          SourceAnchor and TargetAnchor are not required


The problem may come from your “source” or “target” ID (If the corresponding notation Nodes don’t exist, you can’t draw an edge between them).


Note that all edges must be located at the root of the Diagram, even if they are actually located in a sub-state machine:












Hope this helps,



Camille Letavernier

+33 (0)1 69 08 00 59 - camille.letavernier@xxxxxx

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Objet : [mdt-papyrus.dev] writing a program which creates .notation & .di file out of an .uml file


hi everybody,

i have a question and i have found no forum or another helpful place where I could find some information to solve the problem. So I wrote this eMail to you in a hope that anybody can help me.

Firstly I want to tell you what my goals are:

I use Papyrus and I enjoy it very much, especially the work with statemachine diagrams. Now I want to write a little program which parses a .uml-file of a Statemachine diagram and creates a .notation-file and a.di-file so that I can see the Diagram (This has the goal that when somebody creates an .uml-file via a transformation for example i don't see anything but the tree-form. Now I want to make it visible in Papyrus). Therefore I analysed the .notation-files and compared it with the .uml-files, so that I was able to see the correlations between the two files.

I have programmed and programmed and now i can create a .di-file and a .notation file which is displayed by papyrus. I can see States, Pseudostates, FinalStates and the diagram itself. But I don't see any Transitions :(

Problem: How can I display the Transitions? Or perhaps it isn't possible? What does papyrus do when it reads the .notation-file and and the transitions at the end?


Explanation to my Transition-Creator:


For each Transition I add a String like this on the write place in the .notation-file. I fill the source=... and target=... and also the href="" with the references of the source-state, the target-state and the transition.


<edges xmi:type="notation:Connector" type="7000" source="..." target="..." lineColor="0">
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7001">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location"/>
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7002">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location"/>
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7003">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location" y="60"/>
    <styles xmi:type="notation:FontStyle" fontHeight="8"/>
    <element xmi:type="uml:Transition" href="">     <bendpoints xmi:type="notation:RelativeBendpoints" xmi:id="_dip844n-EeG6J4X3i638Ww"/>   

What is wrong here? How important are the Source- and TargetAnchor tags and the coordinates in the benpoints tag?


You see I am in exasperation :(


Can anybody help me with this problem or show me a place in which I can search the solution?


Thank you and greetings,



p.s. this is my first experience with a mailing list and i hope my english isn't too bad


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