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[mdt-papyrus.dev] writing a program which creates .notation & .di file out of an .uml file

hi everybody,

i have a question and i have found no forum or another helpful place where I could find some information to solve the problem. So I wrote this eMail to you in a hope that anybody can help me.

Firstly I want to tell you what my goals are:

I use Papyrus and I enjoy it very much, especially the work with statemachine diagrams. Now I want to write a little program which parses a .uml-file of a Statemachine diagram and creates a .notation-file and a.di-file so that I can see the Diagram (This has the goal that when somebody creates an .uml-file via a transformation for example i don't see anything but the tree-form. Now I want to make it visible in Papyrus). Therefore I analysed the .notation-files and compared it with the .uml-files, so that I was able to see the correlations between the two files.

I have programmed and programmed and now i can create a .di-file and a .notation file which is displayed by papyrus. I can see States, Pseudostates, FinalStates and the diagram itself. But I don't see any Transitions :(

Problem: How can I display the Transitions? Or perhaps it isn't possible? What does papyrus do when it reads the .notation-file and and the transitions at the end?

Explanation to my Transition-Creator:

For each Transition I add a String like this on the write place in the .notation-file. I fill the source=... and target=... and also the href="" with the references of the source-state, the target-state and the transition.

<edges xmi:type="notation:Connector" type="7000" source="..." target="..." lineColor="0">
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7001">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location"/>
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7002">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location"/>
    <children xmi:type="notation:DecorationNode" type="7003">
      <layoutConstraint xmi:type="notation:Location" y="60"/>
    <styles xmi:type="notation:FontStyle" fontHeight="8"/>
    <element xmi:type="uml:Transition" href="">    <bendpoints xmi:type="notation:RelativeBendpoints" xmi:id="_dip844n-EeG6J4X3i638Ww"/>   

What is wrong here? How important are the Source- and TargetAnchor tags and the coordinates in the benpoints tag?

You see I am in exasperation :(

Can anybody help me with this problem or show me a place in which I can search the solution?

Thank you and greetings,

p.s. this is my first experience with a mailing list and i hope my english isn't too bad

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