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[m2t-dev] Someone please help me out

I'm new to m2t. i just used acceleo 3 for my project after reading the user guide.
I have two problems:
1. my eclipse IDE crashes every now and then complaining of of heap memory error,
    I have used several combination of values for my XXMaxPermSize, Xms and Xmx in the eclipse.ini file based on the recommendations I got online but to no avail.
    I don't think is due to the configuration of my laptop because it has 2GB RAM; infact other eclipse IDE's I have used don't crash like that.
2. My Acceleo project is composed of two templates without the [comment @main /]   _expression_ and a main module that invokes these two templates one after the other.
    if I launch the main module from the package explorer, it generates the expected number of java classes from a GMF model. however when I created an Acceleo UI launcher and
    exported the plug-in, it gives me the expected item in the context menu but the generated java classes are never complete. from the results I get, it appears to me that only the first template
    invoked in the main module is being executed.
I need an urgent solutions to these problems as I will be presenting the project early this week and will have to do a demo to the panel. it is too late for me to start migrating the project to acceleo 2.6
Thank you all.
Kind regards,
Hamzat .