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[m2t-dev] Acceleo 3.2 release

Hi all,

Acceleo 3.2 has been officially released and could be retrieved from http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/acceleo/updates/milestones/3.2 .
This version includes several improvements :
  • A boot of performances with compilation time diminution and a better reactivity for completion, documentation on hover, and navigation.
  • A dynamic interpreter to test Acceleo and OCL expressions on the fly. You will find more details on http://eclipsemde.blogspot.com/2011/09/dynamic-interperter-your-code.html
  • A huge diet for emtl files. We measure a divide by 5 on some projects.
new & noteworthy are available on http://wiki.eclipse.org/Acceleo/New_And_Noteworthy#Acceleo_3.2.0 .