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Re: [m2t-dev] [Acceleo] Where is Maven support ?

Hi Didier,

Thanks for your interest in Acceleo.
Please see my comments below.
Disclaimer, I am not a maven expert :).


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Le 15/03/2011 12:14, Didier Villevalois a écrit :

I've read here and there on the eclipse Acceleo project page that
Acceleo 3.1 is supposed to be released in June with Maven support.

Digging in the Acceleo CVS repository I can't find anything that relates
to Maven. So a bunch of straight questions :p

Is Maven support not yet implemented ?

We started by working on ant tasks which we think are necessary to better support maven.

Will we have it for the 3.1 release as claimed on the project page ?

We hope so.

Is there a public Maven repository where I can find all the compiler's
required dependencies ?
Is there a public Maven repository where I can find all of the runtime
dependencies ?
The acceleo runtime can be used in a stand alone environment with only emf standalone as dependency.
I've seen so many posts on the web about people already using Maven to
run the Acceleo compiler, so I'd really be glad not to reinvent the
wheel once more...

If there is (even only preliminary) support for Maven available on a
source repository somewhere please point it to me.

Not yet. But we should provide with ant tasks that work better than previously.

Thanks for your help.
Didier Villevalois.

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