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[m2m-iwg] M2M Momentum Press Release


As discussed in previous meetings, we are planning to do a press release to highlight the progress the M2M IWG has made since the announcement in November.   The goal is to issue this press release May 24 at the Eclipse Day in Toulouse.

Here is what I would suggest we focus on in the announcement.

Key Message: Eclipse M2M IWG has taken significant steps towards is goal of providing open source development tools and key runtimes for M2M solutions.

Proof Points:
- First release of the code and documentation for an M2M application model and framework has been made available.  
- Java and C source code made available for the reference implementation of the MQTT client
- Proposed contribution of a Lua MQTT client
- Active participation in the IWG by Band XI, Eurotech, IBM and Sierra Wireless

Comments and feedback are welcome.  We can also discuss during our call next Tuesday.  After I get general agreement on the key message and proof points, I will then prepare a draft press release.


Ian Skerrett
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Eclipse Foundation
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