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[m2m-iwg] m2m meeting agenda item


For our call this morning I would like to review the draft charter and make sure we are all in agreement on the schedule to finalize and officially create the working group.


As a reminder, for those new to the mailing list we have a regular meeting Tuesday at 9amET.   Attendance to the working group meetings is restricted to members of the working group.   FYI, anyone can get access to the mailing list and meeting minutes.

The call-in number is
Participant p/c:  965227470#

U.S.  1-866-394-4146
U.S. Caller Paid:  1-480-629-1624

Germany:  0800-111-1193 
Germany Caller paid 49-6958-999-0561

UK:  0800-358-3473
UK Caller Paid:  44-207-154-0023
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