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[m2m-atl-dev] [ATL] - How to access properties values of a stereotype?

Hello all,


i’m having trouble in accessing the value of a property of a stereotype. I was thinking to use the operation getValue(Stereotype stereotype, java.lang.String propertyName) but I get this exception:
org.eclipse.m2m.atl.engine.emfvm.VMException: Operation not found: IN!ComponentA.getValue(org.eclipse.m2m.atl.engine.emfvm.lib.OclUndefined,java.lang.String)
This is the rule that causes the exception:
rule StatefulHardware2DIMComponent {
                 sfh : UML2!Component (sfh.getAppliedStereotypes()-> exists(e| e.name = 'StatefulHardware'))
                 c : DependabilityintermediateModel!Component (
                          Name <- sfh.name,
                          intermediateModel <- UML2!Model.allInstances()->first(),
                          Faults <- ft,
                          Errors <- e
                 fo : DependabilityintermediateModel!Exponential(
                          Rate <- sfh.getValue(sfh.getAppliedStereotype('CHESS-ML::StatefulHardware'), 'faultOcc')
Since i’m pretty new to ATL i was wondering if anyone could help me. Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks


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