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Re: [m2e-users] how to force refresh of local repo content?

What version of m2e do you use?

Do you use snapshot or release version of tycho?


On 12-03-23 9:28 AM, Sievers, Jan wrote:

for the EclipseCON tycho tutorial we provide a pre-filled local maven repo as we can't rely on WiFi.

If I copy the pre-filled repo to ~/.m2/repository/ after eclipse was started, it seems there is no way of refreshing the local repo index used by m2e.

Initially I get an m2e error marker "Project build error: Unknown packaging: eclipse-plugin" which is consistent with the headless build failure.

After the pre-filled local repo content is copied, I can build fine (Run As>  Maven install succceeds), but the error markers don't go away.

I tried several options to force a local repo refresh (Window>  Preferences>  Maven>  User Settings>  Reindex local repository, Maven>  Update Project on the project), but no success.

For now the only option to get rid of the outdated error markers seems to restart the IDE.

How is refreshing for local repo changes coming from outside the IDE supposed to work in m2e?


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