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Re: [m2e-users] (goals "copy-dependencies", "unpack") is not supported by m2e

Open a bugreport, but I can't promise a fix. Generally speaking,
maven-dependencies-plugin is incompatible with m2e, so we want that
error message when it is bound to an interesting build phase
(interesting from m2e point of view). "package" phase is not
interesting, so the error message is indeed not needed, but there is no
easy way to have the massage for interesting phases only at the moment.


On 12-03-12 10:36 AM, Rafael Chies wrote:
Hi guys,

I would like to know if there is a a version that fix the issue:
"maven-dependency-plugin(goals "copy-dependencies", "unpack") is not
supported by m2e". It's caused when using maven-dependency plugin on
package phase. I've seen some workarounds that works fine, but I want to
know if there is a fix or a prediction for fix.

Thanks in advice.

*Rafael Chies*
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JBoss Consultant at Red Hat
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