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[m2e-users] Performance problems



I am using the latest m2e from indigo and am experiencing some performance problems – it takes almost 100 seconds to do a build, although I believe it is the reading of the maven project after the changes that is taking up all the time.


So I created a maven project – (it is actually a maven project created within the MyEclipse IDE with indigo).  Attached is the pom_before.xml representing the pom after the project was created.  The maven_after_project_creation.log indicates the time it took to refresh the project and then do a build.


Then I manually altered the maven pom file (we actually do this in code, but I wanted to take us out of the equation so I just copied what we would generate into the pom).  Attached is the pom_after.xml representing the pom after my manual changes.  The maven_after_altering_pom.log indicates the time it took to refresh the project and do a build after my manual changes.


The relevant logging in the second log file indicates that it takes 98 seconds to read the maven project.


14:55:13.937 [Worker-16] DEBUG o.e.m.c.internal.embedder.MavenImpl - Reading Maven project: C:\software\indigo\ME4S-10.0-Workspace\Three\pom.xml

14:56:52.264 [Worker-16] DEBUG o.e.m.c.internal.embedder.MavenImpl - Read Maven project: C:\software\indigo\ME4S-10.0-Workspace\Three\pom.xml in 98327 ms


Is there anything I can do to improve this performance?  The previous m2eclipse plugins did not suffer from this kind of performance problem. 


Also note that my local repository has all of the jars already populated, so there is no downloading of jars that is occurring.






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