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[m2e-dev] Update on m2e connector builds and m2e discovery catalog

I've got all the connectors that Sonatype is managing decoupled into their own builds, building on the grid[1] and being deployed on Nexus in p2 sites[2].

So some things to discuss:

1. Rafal, you were interested in talking about the format of the catalog entries. We can make these entries look like whatever we want. I can either transform them into the current format, or m2e itself can change. Provided the the existing catalogs are available along with the content they point to we're fine. So anything can be changed here. We can take data from the POM as well to minimize cut and paste. I'm not enamored or attached to the current catalog format.

2. Anyone who is building a connector would probably benefit from what I've done for building Sonatype's connectors which is to inherit from a new tycho-support POM[3] I'm using which basically eliminates all configuration from the POMs for plugins, features and tests. It's not perfect but allowed me to easily manage the 14 builds I've worked on over the last week. If anyone else wants to try using it I'd be happy to extend it and improve it.

3. Anyone who wants to use the CI and Repoman infrastructure I'm currently using is welcome to use it. Wherever your sources are I can build and deploy to Nexus as your project changes. I plan to fully automate and improve the infrastructure. I am also planning to deploy released connectors to a place on Maven Central for as stable a place as I can provide. If you use this same infrastructure it's a lot easier for m2e devs to validate your connectors which will make it easier to get into the production catalog.

4. Registration of new connectors and the catalog.xml. Currently I've asked people to push a catalog.xml entry into their source repos where I can grab it and generate the catalog. I'm not married to this but I would like some way for connector developers to maintain their own entries and I'll pull them when and incorporate changes when necessary. I'm open to suggestions. The source repository is just easy for now.

I'm still working on the infrastructure but next will a nice generated page of all the existing connectors. Sorting out how to get the catalog entries, validating them and producing incremental versions of the catalog that anyone can try. Didn't get as far as I wanted last week but it's not far off.

[1]: http://ci.tesla.io:8080/view/m2e/
[2]: http://repository.tesla.io:8081/nexus/content/sites/m2e.extras/
[3]: https://github.com/etesla/tycho-support/blob/master/pom.xml



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