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Re: [m2e-dev] Making m2e connectors development scale for the community

This looks good and will make things easier to maintain, but I am a
little confused.

It looks like you are expecting the catalog.xml file to be in the root
of the scm repo for the project.  Are you expecting this catalog file
to be included with the final build?  Or are youjust going to scrape
the repositories for the catalog files and incorporate them into the
main one?

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Jason van Zyl <jason@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Fred and I have started some work making the discovery catalog maintenance a
> little easier and accessible. Fred has been able to modify the catalog
> without someone from Sonatype which is a good thing. But there is still a
> long way to go. The next step I would like to take is having each connector
> developer maintain their own catalog entries. There are many examples now
> because while I've been decomposing all the m2e connector builds that
> Sonatype maintains I've been pushing the catalog entries to the individual
> projects as you can see in m2eclipse-egit[1]. You will notice their is a
> catalog.xml entry there. I am automating the collection of these entries and
> creating the whole catalog. I have extracted many of them and Fred and
> Andrew have taken care of the WTP and AJDT connectors but there still a
> bunch more in the catalog I would like to get into their respective
> projects.
> If you are an m2e connector developer then please look in the current
> catalog[2] take your entries out, and create a catalog.xml file in your
> project that looks like this[3]. Once you do that send me an email with the
> repository where the catalog entry can be found. If you want to take part in
> the automated processes that will produce the catalog and stage it for
> testing then you'll have to do this because us maintain entries for other
> people's work isn't going to scale. I'll make a better registration process
> but for now with 40 connectors I can manage maintaining the list of repos I
> have to walk to extract the catalog entries in order to make the aggregate
> work.
> Eventually I plan to open up the infrastructure for building and deploying
> the connectors I'm using to anyone else who wants to use it. I'm also
> planning to create some infrastructure on Maven Central to house all the
> connectors as it is probably the most stable and scalable place to put all
> the connectors. At any rate this is step one, so if you have a connector
> please extract our your catalog entries and put them in your own project.
> If you have any questions just let me know. I plan to have this all working
> by the end of the week.
> [1]: https://github.com/sonatype/m2eclipse-egit
> [2]:
> http://git.eclipse.org/c/m2e/m2e-discovery-catalog.git/tree/org.eclipse.m2e.discovery.oss/connectors.xml
> [3]: https://github.com/sonatype/m2eclipse-egit/blob/master/catalog.xml
> Thanks,
> Jason
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