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Re: [m2e-dev] 1.1 release docoware draft

Thank you for the review, Thorsten. See some answers inline.

On 12-06-01 4:20 AM, Thorsten Heit wrote:
Hi Igor,

 > Mostly an FYI, but if anyone has comments and/or suggestions I am
 > certainly than happy to update the doc. We need to submit the doc for
 > Technology PMC approval some time tomorrow (Friday, June 1st, 2012), so
 > do not delay if you plan to comment.

Just a few minor remarks:
- On page 5, 6, 17, there are empty dots at the bottom of the page


- page 6: #m2clipse IRC channel (shouldn't that be #m2eclipse?)


- page 7: You say "extensions that work with 1.0 are expected to work
with 1.1 without changes".
Well, at least for the m2e discovery catalog this isn't fully true; you
have to add "<m2e-versions>1.0,1.1</m2e-versions>" to make an extension
available for both versions or otherwise an extension isn't available in
m2e 1.1.x; see your mail reply from 2011/11/12 "*Re: [m2e-dev]
Rebuilding discovery catalog*"

This is different from breaking API changes, i.e. extensions written for m2e 1.0 are expected to work when installed with m2e 1.1. It does not cover installation details.

- page 7: different fonts ;-)

fixed... I think.

- page 11: last dot: "Archetyper"


Page 6: Localization, Internationalization, Accessibility

This is the first time I hear about localization feature, but that
sounds great. I can contribute German translations if you like; I just
need some hints where to start from...

This is a common requirement for all projects that participate in Eclipse yearly simultaneous releases [1]. All m2e strings are externalized, but quite frankly, I do not know what it takes to add and maintain translations to other languages.

[1] http://eclipse.org/helios/planning/EclipseSimultaneousRelease.php


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