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[m2e-dev] m2e 1.1 endgame

I am preparing m2e iplog for 1.1 release The deadline to submit iplog is
May 23/2012. We will not be able to accept any non-committer patches
until after 1.1 is out.

I plan to publish m2e 1.1 rc1 build in next couple of days. Most likely
there will be no code changes compared to the current 1.1 snapshot build
available from [1], so you can start final 1.1 testing already.

If you feel something absolutely has to be fixed in 1.1, please bring
this up here as soon as possible. Otherwise the current code will become

[1] https://repository.sonatype.org/content/repositories/forge-sites/m2e/1.1.0/N/LATEST/

-- Regards, Igor