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Re: [m2e-dev] [m2e-users] Plugin development: accessing a project's maven coordinates

MavenPlugin.getMavenProjectRegistry().create(project, monitor) returns
IMavenProjectFacade that can be used to access maven coordinates of the

In the future, please use m2e-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx to ask questions about
using m2e API.

-- Regards, Igor

On 12-04-12 6:37 PM, Laurent PETIT wrote:

I'm writing an Eclipse plugin, and would like to take advantage of the
presence of m2e in the instance, managing some IProjects and get from
m2e the maven coordinates of the project: groupId, artifactId, version.

I'm interested in having m2e service this to me, because then the
project is fully resolved, it has correct parent pom handling, etc.

Would you please help me find out how to do that ?

If I'm not on the right mailing list, feel free to redirect me elsewhere.


Laurent Petit

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