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Re: [m2e-dev] dependency resolution problem

Hi Igor,

we have just faced again this problem.

What we have found: theÂworkspacestate.properties file contains the artifact, which is in fact just deleted from the workspace. That's why m2e tries to resolve it from workspace, but fails, and writes to the console, that the pom for that artifact is missing.... After removing this workspacestate.properties and .ser files, and restarting eclipse, the problem is disappeared. Looking at the newly created workspacestate.properties, the affected artifact was not in.

Unfortunately, this is happened to myÂcolleague, I have to ask for logs, but as I can see, nothing strange happened.

What can I do to get closer to resolve this issue?

No, I didn't tried with 1.1, just with 1.0.100, as it is very rare.

Best regards,

-- Vazul

2011/12/9 Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
What m2e version do you use?

Are you able to reproduce the problem with m2e 1.1M3?


On 11-12-09 7:04 AM, LÃszlà VÃradi wrote:

has anybody experienced the same behaviour:

An artifact was in workspace. It was a module of a multimodule artifact.
After deleting that project, m2e cannot resolve any more that artifact.
I've removed the artifact's whole folder from the local repository, and
it was not in the workspace. But a project, referencing to this artifact
failed to resolve it. Even the folder did not created in the local repo,
so it seams it was trying to resolve from workspace, but it was
deleted.... and of course, I cannot reproduce this strange behaviour,
but 3 colleagues experienced the same. Using embedded maven 3.0.3. From
command line, everything works correctly with maven 3.0.3, the artifact
downloaded to the local repo.
When I start an "Update dependencies..." with force option, nothing
changed. I had to restart eclipse, then force update dependencies to
solve the resolution problem.

Any idea?

Best regards,

-- Vazul

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