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[m2e-dev] sonatype / m2eclipse-tycho change request


this is a sonatype / m2eclipse-tycho change request;

1) here

you have a little snippet:

private void generateBundleManifest( ProjectConfigurationRequest request, IProgressMonitor monitor )
        throws CoreException
        List<MojoExecution> executions = getMojoExecutions( request, monitor );
     &nb sp;  if ( executions.size() != 1 )
            throw new IllegalArgumentException();

which is of grave concern to me :-)

2) I have a legitimate case, with felix embedder, where I invoke manifest 2 times:
a) first to make a host manifest, which is used at run time to generate org.osgi.framework.system.packages
b) second to make normal manifest which is used for dependency

3) this "executions.size() != 1" results in bunch of projects blowing up eclipse
with mysterious exceptions on pretty much every operation, clean/update etc;
the work around is bunch needless of maven profile hackery;

4) do you think you could make your approach a bit more relaxed?
say, if there is more then 1 execution, first look for default, say "id=default-manaifest" or "id=default-bundle"
at last, look for "id=eclipse-manifest", and finally, do not blow up, just log a normal error
and do not generate any manifest at all?

5) there are few more places with "throw new IllegalArgumentException(); "; could relax there too? :-)

Thank you,