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[m2e-dev] issue when working with output class files?

Igor, hi;

I have an issue when working with output class files:

in my MojoExecutionBuildParticipant I am interested in resulting class files,
not java source files; and when my configurator is invoked by m2e for incremental build,
the following problem occur:

1) the source file compiles fine, and class file becomes available,
but there is some kind of timing issue; namely,
form time to time the build() invocation happens
apparently BEFORE the class file is ready form JDT
in the output folder; in other words, MojoExecutionBuildParticipant
can see modified java file but NOT the corresponding class file;

what is the way to insure build() is called only when class file is ready?

2) and when the file does not compile due to a compilation error,
how can I know inside MojoExecutionBuildParticipant
if there will be no class file available at all, despite java source change?

Thank you,