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[m2e-dev] m2e classloader made from MavenProject.getCompileClasspathElements()?

Igor, hello:

currently I am duplicating your m2e classloader; can you please clarify:

1) where can I get m2e  classloader made from
(and also test class path elements?)

I can not see it in any of:

        final IMaven maven = MavenPlugin.getMaven();
        final BuildContext buildContext = getBuildContext();
        final MavenSession session = getSession();
        final MojoExecution execution = getMojoExecution();
        final MavenProject project = session.getCurrentProject();

2) is this classloader auto-updated on maven pom.xml change?
if not, how can I force an update?

the intent is to load newly incrementally built
and do some byte instrumentation on it,
while having access to m2e-already-resolved compile (or test) scope;

Thank you,