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Re: [m2e-dev] m2e and AbstractMavenLifecycleParticipants

Hi Igor,

We're going to embark on following your recommendation re. developing an Eclipse Plugin that provides an AbstractMavenDependencyResolver implementation.

Can you please guide us and indicate how such a plugin should present itself? For example do you see that this plugin becomes available through the m2e discovery marketplace?

Another thing that is puzzling us is whether our OSGi bundle exports its own ILifecycleMapping2 instance. How does m2e handle such an instance i.e. can there be more than one ILifecycleMapping2 in the m2e environment? If there can only be one, must we replicate the built-in AbstractMavenDependencyResolver implementation?

Thanks for your guidance. We're a bit stuck in terms of where to start.

Kind regards,

On 06/12/2011, at 7:58 AM, Christopher Hunt wrote:

> Thanks for the quick response - you've said me a day!
> So in a nutshell, I have to write an Eclipse plugin and somehow provide my own AbstractMavenDependencyResolver implementation? If this is the case can you please cite a sample project that might help me get started?
> The use of Maven and Eclipse for JavaScript development is about to change and this is my only blocker. Thanks for your help.
> Kind regards,
> Christopher
> On 06/12/2011, at 7:29 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>> No, currently AbstractMavenDependencyResolver.resolveProjectDependencies
>> is the only way to achieve what you need.