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Re: [m2e-dev] [m2eclipse-dev] m2eclipse extensions that modify project classpath

I don't know, sorry. It is relatively rare to have plugin version
missing, so it is not a priority atm. Also note, that unless we find
problems serious enough to justify 0.12.1, the next version will be
built off Eclipse Foundation infra, with new package names, bundle id
and much reworked core. Official release will be part of Eclipse Indigo
(3.7) next June, but we obviously will have integration and milestone
builds way before that.

And as I mentioned, it is better to lock all versions regardless of m2e.
You can do this from
org.apache.maven.lifecycle.mapping.DefaultLifecycleMapping, assuming you
have commit privileges on maven-android-plugin.


On 10-11-22 03:28 PM, Ricardo Gladwell wrote:
Hi Igor

Thanks, using a lifecycle mapping seemed to resolve a lot my issues,
your help is  much appreciated.

I appreciate you guys have just released a new version, but when do you
think you guys will release a new version of m2eclipse with
MNGECLIPSE-2555 fixed?