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Re: [m2e-dev] [m2eclipse-dev] Ensuring that an m2e BuildContext is correctly injected into a Maven plugin

Sounds reasonable. Do you think you can propose a fix?


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On 10-11-08 05:46 AM, Christopher Hunt wrote:
I've actually now tackled this another way - my plugin now does its
own filtering using the Maven shared components (as per the resources
plugin). This actually simplifies things.

Still, on reflection, my intuition was by calling a BuildContext's
refresh method, that would have an impact on the scanners produced. I
see now that the BuildContext interface contract is being conformed
to correctly and so technically there's no issue. At the end of the
day though, there's no means of telling a BuildContext that things
have changed and that these changes should effect the scanners
produced by it.

Any thoughts on that?

Kind regards, Christopher