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[lyo-dev] Perl libraries for OSLC ChangeManagement

This was a bit lost in a separate thread, so I thought I would
re-announce it here.   We have two contributions of Perl libraries for
OSLC Change Management in Lyo now.  They can be found in the client
[1] Git repository.  The contributions are from two separate
individuals - at this time, both libraries will exist side-by-side.
The project will gather feedback and determine how to best move them

In the org.eclipse.lyo.client.perl directory you will find:

Lyo_OSLC (Lyo::OSLC) is a Perl OSLC ChangeManagement client developed
with samples for accessing IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational
ClearQuest providers

Net_OSLC_CM (Net::OSLC::CM) is a generic Perl OSLC ChangeManagement
client and has been tested with the Lyo OSLC adapter for Bugzilla.

[1] - http://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/lyo/org.eclipse.lyo.client.git