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[location-iwg] Technology Survey

Hi Folks,

Following on the call earlier this week, I wondered if it might be helpful to start putting together a list of existing open source geospatial technologies that prospective members are currently leveraging (or planning to) as a critical component of their products/services? This and a list of technology gaps that organizations feel could be filled with open source components, and that they might be interested in supporting.

In case of business sensitivities, this could potentially be done anonymously through Andrew. Essentially - Andrew could get feedback from each prospective organization that would get rolled up into an anonymous and public table/summary posted on the IWG website.

I would see something like the following:

Technology  |  Existing  |  Leveraging / Interested 

GDAL              |      YES       |                6
MapServer     |      YES       |                2
GeoCoding    |      NO         |                4

This would give us a few things:

1. Identify what technologies business has a significant existing dependency on. This would allow us to drill down on any shortcomings in these technologies (features, stability, performance, predictable development process, IP concerns, standards compliance, etc... ) that this group could look to collectively address.

2. Identify potential areas of new development - obviously this would give us some areas to focus our attention as well.

3. Help to focus our discussions into very tangible activities - which would help us all sell ourselves and our organizations on the value of Eclipse membership.

4. Help Andrew to sell this concept to other prospective members.