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[location-iwg] Geo Benchmarking

I had one topic that I thought might be of broad interest to folks who were on the call today or further on this list and that's benchmarking.

Angela mentioned some of the work they've been doing at UoT and I realised that we are, internally at Actian, already looking at using some of the product of that research work.

Jackpine: A Benchmark to Evaluate Spatial Database Performance - attached - happy to see it is co-authored by Angela

I'm wondering if others may be interested in following the Jackpine approach alongside their products as well.  
I'm naive enough to suggest it, not knowing what kinds of bitter wars benchmarks normally produce, but thought I'd bring it up.

Code at https://github.com/fosslc/jackpine - Andrew you have some history with it as well that might be relevant to the group?


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