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[linuxtools-dev] Postpone 0.4


A number of things have conspired to make me want to postpone 0.4:

- Jeff is _almost_ finished with his major autotools changes
- we're this -><- close to having reliable eclipse-build 3.5.1 builds
  and test results
- Xavier is back and going to be looking at the minor GProf issues
- I forgot to get the docuware done in order to get us onto the list of
  projects for a review call this week (or really next week, at this

Plus, ATM our builds are broken on build.eclipse.org [1] so it's not a
good time to release.

Oh yeah, and I'll be on vacation for two weeks :)

As such, I think it makes sense to postpone our release for a few weeks.
I will update plan.xml today.

I'll take any flack for the slippage and hope to avoid it in the future.
We'll stick to a quick 0.5 cycle so that Anithra's SystemTap work and
Francois et al's LTTng work isn't affected.

Thanks for your understanding,