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Re: [linuxtools-dev] Linux Tools 0.4 release planning

* Anithra P Janakiraman <anithra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2009-09-25 04:17]:
> We do have some new features in SystemTap Gui (A dashboard, browsing  
> tapsets on remote machines, removed server dependencies etc..) but i  


> still need to do more testing and i dont think it would be ready for 0.4  
> :(.  I can definitely get it into 0.5.

That's okay, 0.5 is only 8 weeks or so after 0.4 :)

> Also, are we planning on merging the systemtap plugins that Charley and  
> Roland have completed or would that be a separate project/tool ?.

Their recent focus was on their callgraph functionality so it's quite
separate.  The local launching stuff could definitely be merged.  Let's
look at that for 0.5.