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Re: [linux-distros-dev] Valgrind eclipse plugin

Hi Pedro,

It sounds like something is wrong in the parser. To help me track down the issue, could you run eclipse from the command line using: "eclipse -consolelog -debug" and send me the output. Also under your workspace directory there should be a .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.linuxtools.valgrind.launch/ directory. The actual Valgrind output files are located there. Could you please send those as well.

Feel free to open a bug on bugs.eclipse.org/bugs under Technology->Linux Tools->Valgrind and you can attach the output there. If any of this is unclear, let me know. I hope to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Elliott Baron

Pedro Saraiva wrote:



I'm trying to run valgring plugin with the tool massive to check the memory that my program uses, without success.
I create a new profile and run it, after some processing, it shows an error message saying:

An internal error occurred during: "Launching x(1)".
For input string: "93,9"

I'm using ubuntu 8.10 and valgring 3.3.1.
This happens for every program i've try to run with. Using the tool memcheck works great.
Can you point me in the right direction?


Pedro Saraiva

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