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Re: [linux-distros-dev] 0.2 + agile development

Nick Boldt wrote:
- this one is also obvious, but new features and new bug fixes should
have unit tests
-- in an ideal world we'd do test-driven development (TDD) which would
help us have cleaner code, less code, and tighter APIs
-- if we're not doing TDD, we should at least aim to write tests
immediately after bug fixes or feature work


If at all possible, write the test that showcases the bug, THEN fix it. That way you have a nice traffic light to prove you fixed it.

Also, for the case of accepting patches from the community -- ask for a JUnit to reproduce the problem. That way you not only get a free test for the suite, but you increase the LOC from contributors who may one day become committers. Unlike a patch which may be impossible for an end user to write or may not be exactly optimal (because contributors aren't always as intimate w/ the code as committers), a JUnit is probably fine to accept verbatim, which gives the contributor the immediate warm glow of having helped.


Yeah, we need tests for the bug-fixes.
Please note that in my previous mail about doubts about test-driven development I was only speaking for implementing new features, not for bug fixes.