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[linux-distros-dev] SystemTapGui - Introduction.

Hi All,

I'm Anithra , part of the Linux group in IBM. I work on the SystemTapGui project , which as the name suggests, provides a GUI for systemtap. The GUI is a client-server application, with an eclipse-based client that has an IDE for systemtap scripts and a visualization perspective to view the output graphically. The server is a simple daemon written in C++ , it receives requests to run a .stp script and funnels the stdout, stderr back to the client.
We would like to add this tool to the linuxtools project and hence this introduction :). I've also copied a few of my colleagues who are involved with this tool - Prerna and Ananth . SystemTapGui is currently hosted on sourceforge.

Looking forward to lots of good work and plenty of collaboration..


SystemTapGui - http://stapgui.sourceforge.net/ SystemTap - http://sourceware.org/systemtap/