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Re: [linux-distros-dev] Problem with latest libhover

Andrew Overholt wrote:

* Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx> [2009-02-09 17:41]:
The linux-distros build has recently run into a build problem because I just checked in the code and this interface is not in the older CDT zip being used.

Yeah, we're using the CDT's 5.0.0 release for those not aware.

Realizing we're not going to have a 1.0 release before June, we could
bite the bullet and make our trunk builds happen against CDT nightly
builds (towards their 6.0 release). Or we could set up builds against
*both* the 5.0.2 release and 6.x nightlies. This would involve us
branching for CDT 6 -- for projects that are tightly coupled to the CDT
-- and maintaining two branches. I actually think this is the best plan
but it will mean more work and some functionality differences between
the different branches. This will affect our adopter community (read:
Linux distributions shipping our stuff) but will force us to find and
fix any issues with CDT 6 (and maybe even in the Eclipse platform and
our other dependencies like BIRT) sooner rather than later.
After some discussion with yourself, I agree with this approach. I will shortly create a branch called "Galileo" and leave the C++ libhover stuff there and remove it from trunk.

-- Jeff J.